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<p style="color: #FFFFFF">GET HIGH QUIQ</P>


Feel effects faster with Quiq, featuring innovative rapid uptake technology and formulated by the trusted creators of incredibles.  Save money and reduce your regular dose by half, as these consumables and topicals produce heightened results in just 5-15 minutes.  Now nothing can slow you down!  Enhance your wellness and everyday lifestyle with Quiq, available at select medical and recreational Colorado dispensaries.

To achieve faster-acting and more potent effects, Quiq products utilize rapid uptake technology.  Naturally, cannabinoids are fat-soluble and hydrophobic; for this reason, the body is slow to absorb the majority of these compounds.  This is a common problem for many nutrients and pharmaceutical solutions. To improve such compounds’ bioavailability, innovative biochemists have developed emulsifiers, enabling accelerated absorption.