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Quiq Brand Media Kit & Style Guide

The Quiq Story

The founders of the award-winning “incredibles” brand now bring you a new line of cannabis-infused products. Focused on fast absorption and maximum bioavailability, these products provide more value, and allow you to feel the effects faster. The following copy and assets are provided to help you learn more about the brand, our products, and our mission. Enjoy! – Your Quiq marketing team

Elizabeth Bishop Tindall – [email protected]
Abigail Nueve – [email protected]

What Sets Us Apart

We are Industry Veterans: Our ownership and production teams have over a decade of experience creating infused products.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Innovative biochemists have developed emulsifiers which decrease the size of cannabis oil droplets, creating more potent effects just minutes after applying or consuming.

Quality Ingredients: We use organic, gluten-free, and sustainably-sourced ingredients, as well as natural colors and flavors.

Lab Tested: All of our products are independently triple-lab-tested to ensure safety, quality, and consistency.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower consumers and enhance their experience with superior and legitimate fast-acting cannabis products.


Control Your High
Feel Effects Faster

Media Kit

Brand Voice


Uniformity in brand voice is imperative to maintain the personality of Quiq, as the following attributes are how we desire the brand to be perceived by our target audience.

Voice Characteristic Description Dos Don’ts
Educated We’re educated about cannabis, understanding the plant’s functions, consumers’ needs, and the process of creating consistent, fast-acting infused products. Display professionalism and confidence; cite scientific studies; boast experience and innovation; communicate strength and leadership; advance knowledge Make medical claims; assume; lose site of target audience; lackĀ  perspective; execute poor judgement
Authentic We are committed to integrity, taking pride in ethical production practices and honest advertising Be trustworthy and direct; acknowledge mistakes and create solutions; be encouraging and respectful Use marketing jargon; oversell product capabilities; plagiarize; express discrimination; be arrogant or derogatory
Relatable We’re in tune with our patients’ needs and aim to accommodate them Be expressive, approachable, and helpful; ask questions, listen, and connect; use illustrations and examples Be too serious or overly-scientific; be too casual; exhibit negativity; neglect inquiries and feedback

Logos and Usage

The Quiq logo speaks to the brand’s identity, designed to communicate speed with the movement of the blue color gradient and uppercase “Q” resembling a ticking clock. The tail of the “Q”/hand of the clock pictures a leaf, attributing the cannabis plant and our dedication to sustainable practices.

The Quiq logo only appears in the following combinations:

Cyan to Cobalt Gradient:

It’s preferred that this version is used whenever possible. Should be used every time the logo is applied upon light-colored backgrounds.

Media Kit

White to Gray Gradient:

May be used on dark-colored backgrounds to improve contrast and legibility.

Media Kit

Solid White:

For use on backgrounds where neither of our gradated logos provide enough contrast.

Media Kit

Improper Logo Usage:

Please never use our logo in the following manners:

  • Use the horizontal logo in a vertical way
  • Stretch or compress the logo
  • Change the logo font
  • Remove any elements of the logo, or use parts in isolation ecept for the tick marks seen in the uppercase “Q” as described in Supporting Elements
  • Add additional elements to the logo
  • Place the logo on a background with insufficient contrast and/or free space

Improper Logo Examples:

Logo Downloads

Media Kit

Click a Format Below to Download

Media Kit

Click a Format Below to Download

Media Kit

Click a Format Below to Download


Implementing a consistent typeface encourages brand recognition and forwards our identity, as this typography was chosen to reflect Quiq’s attributes of precision, establishment, and authority.

Primary Fonts:

There are two primary fonts; however, other styles of Gotham (book, medium, light) can be used to create greater difference in hierarchy when used in approved manners. This typeface is preferred on educational marketing collateral and emphatic announcements.

  • Gotham Bold Usage: Headlines and first captions
  • ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book Usage: Sub-headlines and slogan
  • Century Gothic Usage: Body copy

Secondary Fonts:

To complement the Quiq primary fonts, three styles of ITC Avant Garde Gothic type may be used in approved manners. More casual and playful, this typeface is preferred on lifestyle-focused marketing collateral.

  • Book Usage: Headlines and first captions
  • Medium Usage: Sub-headlines and slogan
  • Bold Usage: Body copy

Font Sources:

All fonts are available online for purchase and/or download.


Consistent application of color plays an imperative role in expressing a distinct brand identity. This section describes our hierarchy of usage and how to apply and combine the colors.

Primary Palette:

Quiq’s primary color palette should be used on the majority of marketing collateral as it symbolizes various brand characteristics and reflects the logo.

Secondary Palette:

Quiq’s secondary color palette should be used as accents to support the primary palette as it symbolizes additional company attributes and mirrors elements of product packaging.

Improper Use:

Please never use our color palettes in the following manners:

  • Recolor logo with any colors except those specified under Logo Usage
  • Overuse secondary palette in graphics; this should be an accent color
  • Incorporate large areas of color unnecessarily; embrace reasonable white space when designing.

Supporting Elements


Colorado compliance regulations state that all THC-infused products must be labeled with the official THC warning icon on both packaging and, for edibles, each individual piece. The exclamation mark, “THC” and diamond icon must be emphasized in red and the following text, in black, may be no smaller than 6 pt. font. When needed, do not exclude nor alter this icon per legal requirements.

Media Kit

Gradient Tick Marks

Similar to the tick marks seen in the logo’s uppercase “Q”, this element may be used on packaging and graphics to highlight the brand’s relation to time and speed. Both the primary and secondary color palettes may be applied to this detail, and either a gradient or diminishing opacity should be present.

Media Kit

Medically Correct Logo

Either of the two Medically Correct logo formats may be applied to assets to improve parent company recognition, and to strengthen Quiq’s legitimacy.

Media Kit
Media Kit



Photography should depict adults enjoying our products in real situations, reflecting at least two of the following attributes: contentment, tranquility, liveliness, enjoyment, sociability, activity.


Photography should demonstrate Quiq’s science-forward approach, fast-acting feature, and high quality ingredients, reflecting at least two of the following attributes: legitimacy, speed, energy, purity, expertise, pride, quality.

Improper Use

Please never utilize photography in the following manners:

  • Use imagery of insufficient resolution
  • Treat imagery with gimmicky filters or effects
  • Use images depicting people who appear to be under the age of 25
  • Use images depicting pets
  • Use imagery depicting irresponsible consumption

Photographic Backgrounds

Graphic Backgrounds

Depicted on website landing pages and social cover photos

Product & Packaging Imagery

For product and packaging imagery, please visit our Products page.


Uniformity in brand voice is imperative to maintain the personality of Quiq, as the preceding attributes are how we desire the brand to be perceived by our target audience.

Thank you for reviewing the Quiq Style Guide. For any questions regarding assets or usage, please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing department.