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An industry innovator applying modern technology to formulate a superior cannabis product.

Our Origins

Who is Medically Correct?

Witnessing the cannabis plant’s miraculous benefit to his grandmother’s end of life care, Bob Eschino was compelled to make infused products safe and accessible to patients in need.  In 2010, he and Rick Scarpello established Medically Correct LLC; and later, the two partnered with Derek Cumings and Josh Fink, strengthening expertise in cannabis extraction and culinary techniques.  The company has become one of the country’s top-performing cannabis businesses with the national incredibles brand, a line known for award-winning, novelty chocolate bars.

Bob Eschino

Derek Cumings

Josh Fink

Why Quiq?

Ten years since the company’s inception, the founders of Medically Correct were inspired by consumers’ feedback and dedicated themselves to creating a new line of consumables and topicals with a key differentiator: rapid absorption.  They sought out the most effective emulsion-based technology and invested resources into developing products with high-quality and sustainable ingredients.  This resulted in the company’s most innovative line yet, designed to produce stronger effects in just minutes.  Plus, consumables were specially formulated to last roughly two hours, better complimenting your everyday activities and lifestyle.

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