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Rapid Absorption Technology

To achieve faster acting and more potent effects, Quiq products are created with a self-emulsifying delivery system, patent-pending and the first of its kind in the cannabis industry. Naturally, cannabinoids are fat-soluble and hydrophobic; for this reason, the body is slow to absorb the majority of these compounds. This is a common problem for many nutrients and pharmaceutical solutions.

By using a natural, lipid-based emulsion formula derived from sugar and fatty acids, our team of chemists can encompass individual beads of pure cannabis oil. Then, when consumed, the product undergoes a self-emulsification process, converting to even smaller nanoparticle-sized droplets. This enhances oral and gastrointestinal interaction, allowing a greater amount of absorption to occur prior to the solution being metabolized by the liver.

Fast-acting results make it easier to determine your dose, and with a duration of roughly 2 hours versus the standard 8-hour high, edibles can now better accommodate your lifestyle and activities.  And, greater absorption equates to stronger effects; meaning a small dose is all you need, saving you money.

Hooray for science!  Try Quiq and discover the difference today.

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